[2017-10-25] Issues with logging into Expo developer accounts

I have already created Expo dev account approx 10 days ago.

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Thanks! I’m all set :man_technologist:

@ide I’ve had an account for a few weeks. Maybe it’s because I just did a “LOST MY PASSWORD” sequence? I now my account is corrupted?

I changed my password 30m ago.

@faiwilsuc Are you able to log in with GitHub? We’re looking into the username & password problem for you but in the meantime if you can log in with GitHub please do that.

Right. I also did do so. Just like @remoteportal did because I thought logging issue was very strange

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sure. My and @remoteportal’s password seem like changed. I logged in to github

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I logged out and back into GitHub successfully. I don’t know why that might help anything???

@faiwilsuc @remoteportal Are either of you able to log into https://expo.io/login successfully? If it asks you to fill in some information (like your name) are you able to do that successfully or do you still get an error and what does it say?

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Apparently, It looks like my password was changed. So when I try to login with my credentials, it leads to sign up box.
But as you mentioned above, because signup functionality was disabled yet, I can not even signup. Will try to sign up.
I can use my original credentials?

@ide NOW I understand… I thought you meant just log into GitHub, now I understand you to mean sign into expo VIA GitHub as the provider.

I did that… clicked LINK ACCOUNTS, then BRIEFLY saw a “500-like server error message”, then back to this web screen which I think is wrong:


come on im rushing to puslish my app now you gave me this?

Update: We have re-enabled signups for new accounts as well as for developers with existing accounts who were asked to go through the sign-up flow once more.

If you have an existing Expo developer account and were asked to go through the sign-up flow (as a few developers earlier in this thread were), please try again. We recommend logging in through https://expo.io since that is more stateless. Once you’re able to log in through the website, please try again in XDE/exp.

@faiwilsuc @remoteportal @nickawesome We re-enabled signups a few minutes ago. You can try logging in again – we recommend first trying on https://expo.io/login and then trying exp/XDE.

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@ide Thank you very much for your amazing efforts, i’m all set now.

Ok it works well. thank you for your efforts

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Cheers! The effort and communication is much appreciated :slight_smile:

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@jwhscholten Hmm… sorry you ran into an issue. Since you’re able to login successfully I suspect the problem you’re seeing is unrelated to the problem with developer accounts. I’ll follow up with you out of band so we can keep this thread a little more focused on login issues and also get your iOS build in a good place.

@ide : We were stuck for a day, but you were perfectly clear and transparent with us. Many thanks for your investigation and your communcation !