Add maxWidth, maxHeight on image picker / camera


Hello !

Is that possible to considering this feature request.

I really need it :slight_smile:

Add maxWidth, maxHeight on image picker / camera to be able to have small image to upload it fastly. (in many case quality options is not enough)

Otherwise, how can I contribute to add it? Do you have any follow steps list somewhere?



Is it possible to accomplish what you’re trying to do in javascript?
Resize image and get base64 has an example of how you can get the base64 encoding for an image


Hello @thetc,

thank you, but this proposal is a small hack (BTW I will test it soon and give my feedback).

I think it will be better if we have something like react-native-image-picker include into the SDK… which is a standard by fact in react-native community…

Better if it’s include in the Expo SDK, don’t you agreed with me? :slight_smile:


For the SDK, the goal is maximum expressiveness / minimum surface area, so
it isn’t obvious to me that would be the best way to grow the SDK.

Let’s see how far you can get with the base64 / js land manipulation and we
can get a better handle on what, if any, functionality is missing from the


Ok, thank you.

I prefer to not based my code on a hack and manipulate the photo from the SDK method in native part already made a “manipulation” on the image. (ie. quality)

But ok wait on the hack!


Please consider it =>