After I upgraded to SDK 38, it reports Invariant Violation: ART has been removed from React Native. It can now be installed and imported from '@react-native-community/art' instead of 'react-native'

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  1. SDK Version:
    Just upgraded from sdk36 to sdk38
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):
    iOS, but not sure Android and web also have the same issue.

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I googled a lot but no solution, there are other related post on Stackoverflow like caused by “react-native-progress”, but seems no help. and I also did npm install @react-native-community/art --save but it needs “link” so should also no help. Can someone tell me how to solve this? I upgraded from sdk36, which was working fine. Thanks.

Hi there, we did remove the ART module, and document that here, along with some good alternatives