After migration from ExpoKit to Bare the new build crashes on Testflight

If a user has an app with the old build (ExpoKit) on their phone and they select the newest build on Testflight which is Bare the app instantly crashes and never shows a splash screen. Is this a common problem after migration? How is it avoided? I don’t have the same problem on my emulator and I don’t know how to debug it. There’s no error message at all.

Problem went away by itself. Really not sure what was causing it but the migration is an unprecedented thing so makes sense that it’s messy.

Having this problem again. I don’t know what to do about it.

The on device analytics crash logs show the following thread crashing:
expo.controller.assetfilesqueue. Link to full paste bin:

This is a TestFlight build that crashes the very second that it’s opened and never reaches the launch screen. Emulator works fine, and running on device through xCode works fine as well. Only the testflight build does this.

Any idea what this is and why it just randomly appears on some builds but not others? The build I released before this did not do this.