Alternatives for Expo Push Notifications

Hello Expo forums,

Our team is currently facing a number of issues/questions regarding implementing Push Notifications.

We are building an app for a university. They want to notify their students on new grades (personal) or alert school-wide (grouped). Firebase allows for an easy implementation of both and the school already has a Firebase service in place for this.

However, reading the Expo SDK, forum posts and questions we came to the following conclusion and questions:

  1. As we are handling with sensitive data of a university, how do we know that Expo treats this right and is secure? It is a black box currently.
  2. With Firebase you have an SLA and can get support from Google regarding issues, how does this work with Expo?
  3. When the Expo Push service is down we are stuck with no notifications, since we already see some issues with Expo builds this is quite a big worry for us.
  4. Is it correct that we can implement FCM only for Android at this time, without ejecting?

We really want to prevent having to eject our app, since we worry that we would lose quite some velocity on developing the app quickly.

Do you have any suggestions that might make it possible? Or do we have to wait until there is a way to use FCM together with Android and iOS (without ejecting)


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