Android build is failing


Since ~1 hour, my android build are all failing.
I managed to build an iOS build just before but impossible to build any Android APK for now.
I simply launch my build on my console with : expo build:android.
Previous builds launched weeks ago were OK.

Symptoms :

  • the build is shown as queued indefinitely.
  • when I cancel the build, the following message appears :
canceling build, please contact with a link to your build logs.

Here is the link of my build :
Any informations to share about this problem ?


Hey @okipa,

You shouldn’t cancel your build. It’s not failing, it’s just in a queue.



Mines are also in a queue indefinitely and erroring out when being cancelled.

I never had a build wait in a queue before.

iOS builds are instantenous, but Android builds are on queue forever.

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I’m in same case than @dev_temporadalivre, I never had to wait for a build and I’ve let it in queue for about 15 minutes before cancelling it.
Everything is going fine with the android building service ?


I’m closing this issue as everything seems to be back normally today. I relaunched my build and I it started directly.

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closed #6