Android Version Code not updating


Hi guys,

I was able to update Android versionCode from 1 to 5 and uploading my APK to Google Play store, but tonight I made some bug fixes, changing my version number AND my versionCode from 5 to 6, building the app (exp build:android), downloading the new APK and Google Play keeps telling me that I need to use another version code because 5 is already taken.

Any idea?


I have the same problem since the update. you have to publish your app on expo server before building it, by clicking on “publish” on expo XDE or exp publish on the terminal


You were right. After publishing it solves my problem. I did forget to mention that I updated exp and it seems that it’s the problem here. Hope it will be fixed soon.

Thank you!


That does solve the issue, but then you have to publish before testing on device which in my opinion is the whole point of building it in the first place =)

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