App Store rejections: "Minimum Functionality"


Apple has rejected: 8 times for “Minimum Functionality”, specifically for using “little to no native iOS features”

I’ll keep adding things to appease them but I’m starting to wonder if they’re biased against react native. I’ve had hundreds of non-apple-review testers who think the “functionality” is just fine as it is:

Sorry if I’m being naive - I’d massively appreciate any tips or suggestions :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey there, it’s not likely to be React Native. There are plenty of apps in the app store and play store right now using React Native which don’t have issues getting accepted. However, it is true that your app doesn’t look like a native iOS app, and Apple may just be picking a vague pre-written reason to tell you that. The unfortunate reality is that it doesn’t matter what your testers think and it only matters what Apple review thinks.

I recommend having a look at the Apple Human Interface Guidelines, which are also mentioned in the first section of the App Store Review Guidelines.