Are Push Notifications Broken For Standalone Builds?


I have seen this in a few places and I figured I would open a new ticket with the information that I have discovered. I have not been able to get push notifications on a standalone enterprise iOS application.

After some digging into apple and expo, I think my issues are stemming from the expo push service.

When I hit the /api/v2/push/send endpoint, I get a response:

    "data": [
            "status": "ok",
            "id": "fa0e5188-8d87-4100-a405-a52e4cc8a057"

It seems like it went through but upon reading the receipt with the /api/v2/push/getReceipts endpoint I get an odd error:

    "message": "The Apple Push Notification service unexpectedly dropped the connection. Retry sending the notification later.",
    "__debug": {
        "internalError": "stream ended unexpectedly"

In order to test everything out directly with apple, I created a new push notification cert and rebuilt my app with expo. I then got the device APNS push token with the Expo.Notifications.getDevicePushTokenAsync(config) function.

I am now able to use the Easy APNs Provider to test out push notifications directly with apple but only by using the APNS token. When using the APNS token, I get notifications. When using the ExponentPushToken with the same exact build I get the errors above with the exponent push notification service.

Is this issue being seen by others/is the expo team aware of any issues with push notifications right now?

Some additional info:

sdkVersion: 29.0.0
expoVersion: 2.7.6
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