Auto-saving ends up creating two snacks with the same name

Whenever I come back to a tab with a Snack opened, the page will refresh and give me an outdated version of a Snack I had previously been working on. If I check the “Snacks” under my profile, I now see two Snacks with the same name, but the Snack lower in the list is the snack that has my most recent changes.

And now I’m losing entire folders of files that I add in a single session :disappointed_relieved:

I can confirm a similar issue except that one of the files is renamed to the random food item even after I name the file I started.

The “previous saves” often don’t have my most recent save. If I’m lucky, I can go to the “Snacks” on my profile and find the actual most recent save. But, a lot of the time, I just lose my work.