Azure Mobile Center support



I was wondering if the new Azure Mobile Center is on the radar of Expo to be added to the SDK. Azure Mobile Center supports is currently in preview but looks pretty promising and supports RN.


We are looking at it! Some parts will be tricky but some parts we might be able to add. What parts are you most interested in? There are a lot of different things mobile center offers.


I saw a demo today and the testing possibilities on real devices looked very good. Also the authentication provider support sounds very appealing to me (

Unfortunately there is no definitive pricing information available, so it might be a too pricy option for small/hobby like projects…


About pricing, we are looking at what it will look. At this point, we do have plans to offer a free tier which would work well for small and hobby projects. If you would like to talk to us about your pricing needs, I would love to jump on a call with you.


We are currently using Mobile Center in our React Native app. We started developing it a couple of months ago, before Exponent was renamed Expo.
At React Conf, when Expo showed and create-react-native-app, we started considering to switch to Expo. But the but downside is the lack of support of native modules. We rely heavily on Mobile Center.

I am aware of the possibility to eject an Expo app to add native code. But I feel like that takes away the reason to use Expo from the start.

As an alternative to Expo we’re researching Since it allows to easy add boilerplates, modules etc. Of course it’s not as easy to use as Expo.

I might be wrong, since I haven’t yet tried Expo, but the whole thing about ejecting an app to add native modules feels just weird. Please correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!


This would be awesome to see! Azure Mobile Center seems to be one of the only projects of its kind actively targeting React Native as a first class platform. The pricing issue is still up in the air, but if they have a free tier similar to what Firebase offers I can see it being fine for small/hobby projects.

I am most interested in the Analytics and Crash reporting aspects of Mobile Center at this point.


This is very important for us as well. Just wanted to chime in so that Expo teams knows there’s real value in supporting this.