Back Handler not working


I’m having trouble implementing Back handler in my expo project. Any reason why its not working?

    BackHandler.addEventListener('hardwareBackPress', this.handleBackPress);

      BackHandler.removeEventListener('hardwareBackPress', this.handleBackPress);

  handleBackPress = async () => {
      return true;

Hey @productivenyc,

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “its not working”? Always hard to help out without more information.



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Thats fair.

It doesn’t call the function. Also not sure why I had it async but it doesn’t work either way.


Gotcha. This page may be of use to:

Specifically the last section regarding React Lifecycles.



Im pretty sure I tried moving the addListener into the constructor. No change. But ill try again.

BTW I’m using react navigation so I’m pretty sure I copied that example actually

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