Blob content provider support in Android


Hi there,

In our detached project, we’re working with a dependency that uses the Blob RN API with Android content providers.

The thing is that I see there is no support to the Blob module on Expo apps, it this something you’re aware of?

Digging in the RN code I found that in the React Native BlobProvider’s class they have this check. Which is triggering the exception since context is an instance of ExpoApplication -> MultidexApplication.

The following is the error we’re having:

Is there any workaround to this, or we may find another alternative to how we’re handling blobs?

EDIT: Well, as a workaround I found that creating a custom content provider can do the trick. Once I get it working properly, I’ll share a sample here.

Thanks in advance!


To support blob content provider on detached our Expo app, I’ve modified the React Native BlobProvider to use a different ReactApplicationContext.

In here you can find a Gist with the workaround

Note: The way I’ve provided the context instance it doesn’t seem like the right one, but didn’t found any other alternative. I saw there is a NativeModuleDepsProvider but didn’t managed to inject a context instance from it, I would need some guidance from the Expo devs for this :sweat_smile:

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