Build stuck in queue


Hi Guys,

I am trying to build two iOS projects, and both of them are stuck in a queue for 45 mins. How can I know whether it is going to resolve today?

Build id : 18a73889-1fef-48ec-9ab6-19ebcfc86f0e

Build id: 71bc0e29-1557-4346-99bc-6eb76ee5c0b6


Hi, my iOS build is stucked in queue too for more than 1 hour.

Build id: fbee9ea3-af18-4319-9ab0-0d7bda0f873b


Same, mine has been stuck in queue for over an hour now


The same for me… May be a global issue that would be solved…


My iOS build is stuck as well…

I’ve left more detail here…


hi all, sorry for the inconvenience. We’re tracking this issue internally and we are working on it. You can publicly track the status here:

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