Camera and Status bar orientation bug in "portrait" orientation.

SDK 41;
iOS 14.4.2 iPhone 11;
Expo Go;

Demo video: video_2021-05-26_19-57-31.mp4 - Google Drive

There is a problem with locking the Camera and status bar orientation.


  • The app.json orientation set to the “orientation”: “portrait”
  • the iPhone system Portrait orientation lock is off (free rotate and change orientation).
  • rotate the device from the portrait to the landscape orientation.

Expected result:

  • Camera and status bar should be locked in portrait mode in the expo app

Actual result:

  • When the device is rotated to the landscape orientation the status bar and camera rotates as well.
  • If you switch the app (swipe from the bottom in the landscape mode and get back) - the status bar and camera orientation will be fixed to portrait until you rotate the device to portrait and then to landscape again.

@adamjnav @charliecruzan @nicknovitski @esamelson could you please take a look at this issue? Are there any solutions for fixing landscape camera orientation?

I’m also interested in the subject. I have an app that relates heavily to the Camera (in portrait mode), and I don’t want it to rotate if the phone is in landscape mode.

Is there any update regarding this one?