can be change package name after detach and publish with that package name?


I detach my expo app but android folder have host.exp.exponent but i write different package name in app.json before detach.
please tell me how to change package name after detach expo app.



Hi @kulbhushansingh - your android folder should always have host.exp.exponent – this is different from the package name you specified in app.json.

If you want to change your Android package name after detaching, you can do so in your android/app/build.gradle file – just find where it says

  defaultConfig {
    applicationId '<>'

and replace with your new package name.

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Thanks @esamelson But i need to add google-service.json with new package name. Then its work fine or not ?



@kulbhushansingh that should be fine, you only need to change the value in android/app/build.gradle to match whatever is in your google services file. No need to change the folder structure in the android directory.


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