Can sentry-expo report crashes from native code for ExpoKit apps?


I enabled Sentry on my ExpoKit app (using the directions in the docs- didn’t seem any different from a non-detached app), and it’s reporting crashes originating from JavaScript code exceptions like a champ. However, we had a crash on Android that appeared to be coming from somewhere over-the-bridge (from one of the native classes for Expo.Svg) and it wasn’t reported. I was googling around in docs for react-native-sentry and saw something about patching to enable Sentry. I didn’t see anything like that already in the that is generated when detaching. Knowing those are already customized for Expo/ ExpoKit, wanted to check if I should expect these kind of errors to be reported without any further modification or not.

Thank you!


Can Sentry report crashes from native code in expo?
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