Can't send notification on iOS


I have a problem when i send notification on iOS.
I export “in-house” developed iOS app as an enterprise application.
InvalidCredentials: Expo was unable to establish a secure connection to the Apple Push Notification service. This potentially is due to an invalid APNs certificate or token for your Apple developer account; if you have provided your own APNs certificate or token, carefully verify that it is for production and is in the format Expo expects.
Can you help me solve?


Hi - notifications for in-house apps may not be supported right now. Please try creating an App Store build and distributing it through the App Store and TestFlight.


Hi ide, Any solution here to push notification for in-house apps? Please advice. Thank you so much


If you can get a production (this is a requirement), in-house APNs certificate, you can try uploading it to Expo (clear certificates with exp build:ios -c and then try again), but we primarily support App Store apps currently.


Hi ide, let me try first. We chose expo to develop in-house app but this issue is really important with us. It can make our project discontinued. I don’t want that thing come true. Thank you.


thanks for support , we have build app in house and push notification success

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