Can't upgrade from SDK 33 to SDK 34 - Attempting to change the getter of an unconfigurable property

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  1. SDK Version: 33, trying to upgrade to 34
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android / iOS

Despite an entire day of efforts of our three senior engineers, we’re unable to upgrade from Expo’s SDK 33 to SDK 34, hitting on this wall:

We tried taking it as far as SDK 36, but we always face the same red exception, and our App never gets to load.

Any ideas on how to debug this? The error message is cryptic and the only thing we can find on Google that is not 3+ years old is, but it’s supposedly fixed in React Native 0.61, which SDK 36 has, so it’s not the same bug (and we have Fast Refresh turned off).

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Just started to happen to me too today. I ran expo install expo-facebook and that was the end of that. I’ve clearer the metro cache, yarn cache, watchman, re-ran expo init, deleted all node_modules and reinstalled with yarn (then did it all again with npm). No success.

I’m on expo version 36 and I went back in my GIT history but that hasn’t fixed it either. Feels like a cache issue… Will report back if anything changes.

I also deleted the Expo app from my iPhone using the iPhone storage in settings.
I also ran this:
I also tried this:

My friend who has the same code base runs the code and it builds fine.


Not sure I have any useful suggestions, except try removing anything in $TMPDIR to do with react native or haste as well, and check for processes listening on ports 19000-19010 and kill them if they look like they are related to Expo/react native as well (not port 8081 as in the second link.)

Thanks @wodin I tried that without luck.

I’ve also created an entirely new project, ran expo init and moved my files into that new folder. Still getting the same error.

If I run a brand new expo project without my code everything works okay.

I then copied my old package.json into the new project (not the code, just the package.json) and ran yarn in the folder. After doing this, I get the error that @dev_temporadalivre posted above. Seems like something is wrong with my package.json.

Will keep investigating and will post updates here.

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Turns out that it was one of the packages that I had added to my package.json. Although I had added it a long time ago, it appears that it hadn’t installed correctly that time. The package that caused it was
"@unimodules/core": "~1.0.0"

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