[Closed] Send to Slack After Publishing (Exp CLI)


I don’t mind doing the work.

Would Expo be open to a CLI modification allowing you to pass in a slack webhook and posting your release in a Slack channel?

I was going to try and doing this by piping stdout into a command that would do it for me but editing the publish command is sooo much easier :smile:


Hi @peterpme!
I think the tools already have something like that – would this work for your use case? https://blog.expo.io/introducing-support-for-postpublish-hooks-46ab3258fb03

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This is perfect! Thank you!!


Hey @ccheever,

Do postPublish hooks work in SDK 24? After several attempts I still can’t get this working and figure maybe they were never implemented.

Thanks again!


here’s a totally minimal example of using a postPublish hook – https://github.com/brentvatne/post-publish-example-hello-world

clone, run yarn, throw down an exp publish and watch your terminal for a “Hello Brent”

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Solved: I didn’t have my hooks under “expo”

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