Coloring Book mobile app (React Native + GraphQL)


Recently launched “Color of Wine” (

It’s a free wine-themed digital coloring book starting on iOS

Apple App Store:

Let us know what you think (incl suggestions for making it cooler)!



very cool! Do you have any wine info from the Caucasus region?


Not yet - however, if you know any wine brands that would be interested in collaborating (i.e. creating branded Collections of digital coloring templates to promote among wine enthusiasts as interactive, experiential marketing) - send them our way!


Awesome!! Curious how you are doing the color / outline rendering and coloring touch detection stuff?


cool stuff :slight_smile: one nit - you should try it on iphonex and add appropriate margins to top and bottom :slight_smile:


Awesome experience, @chownation! :+1:t4:


bridged touch events to wrapped WebView with jQuery


thx, published update!


It’s crashing on load!!!