console.log can not print logs in xde with iPad,but iPhone can


When I use my iPad, I can not see any log in the right panel of XDE or in iTerm window. And XDE shows “No devices connected”, but i am sure there is no problem with network connection because the “Building JavaScript bundle” logs shows well in the left panel of XDE, and the Live Reload function working well.

But when I use my iPhone or simulator to run the same program, I can see the logs. and I can see the connected device at the bottom of XDE.

It’s a really strange thing…
I tried to reinstall the Expo app, but the problem is still remaining…


OK, thanks for the screenshot and other information. Could you try installing the new developer tools we’ve been working on?


I tried to use “new developer tools”, but the issue still remain…:cry:

When I use my iPad, I can not see the the connected Device, and the log…The Live reloading is working…


When I use my iPhone, I can see the connected Device, and the log also shows well.


By the way, the remote debug function with iPad is work…
I can see the logs in chrome devTools like normal react native apps.
But the logs still not show in exp…


Here is the logs in chrome dev tools.

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