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Hello everyone!

I have a small question. At the moment I’ve setup some already published projects on an Amazon Workspaces computer. But I want to change computers, to my very own computer. Can I just safely copy everything from the already published projects and continue on the new machine?
With these projects I’ve set Expo to handle the keystore & all other credentials. If I copy everything, can I than keep updating my apps on both iOS and Android app stores? Or do I need to do something in order to copy the keystore and other credentials?

I like to hear from someone! Thanks in advance.

  • Nick van Kesteren


All the keystore stuff is set on your Expo account, rather than your computer. I’ve blown away my entire local project folder/ reformatted my computer entirely many times, and it’s all worked fine afterwards. So, you can copy your project files somewhere else (even better: check them into source control and check them out on the new computer), install node, yarn, and expo-cli, login to Expo, and keep going. When you do copy/ checkin/ checkout, avoid copying node_modules, because it’ll take forever. Copy the rest of the files and folders and run yarn again to pull all your dependencies down instead.

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