Custom repeat in local notifications scheduling options?


Is there a workaround to make a local notification repeat only on specified days? Easy example would be a notification every day at 7am in the morning, except for Saturday and Sunday.


Hey @danielbaars sorry if this is a stupid question, but:

Looking at our notifications docs, we provide: Expo.Notifications.scheduleLocalNotificationAsync(localNotification, schedulingOptions) which seems to satisfy scheduling notifications at a time interval.


Does this API provide what you need? If not, do you have an idea of what kind of API that would make your life a lot easier? We are totally open to suggestions and ideas for improvement.

Thanks for writing in about this.


Hi @jimmylee, thanks for your reply!

Perhaps I’m reading the docs wrong but it doesn’t seem possible to make exceptions on the schedulingOptions. In my example, the notifications would repeat every day of the week (repeat: ‘day’) and there is no way to specify that they shouldn’t on Saturday and Sunday. Or is there?