Deobfuscation to expose stack trace


Hi folks,

We’re seeing an issue reported in the Play Store with our app published via Expo 27:


at io.nlopez.smartlocation.location.a.a.a (
at io.nlopez.smartlocation.location.a.a.onConnected (

Which initially seems similar to that reported here:

However, the obfuscated stack trace prevents us from determining this for sure.

The Play Store would really like me to “upload [my] ProGuard deobfuscation file in order to deobfuscate future stack traces”, and I’d like to do that too.

How can I access the mapping.txt that was produced during the build of my project?



Hi @thetanz-geoffrgwilli - thanks for the question. Currently the only way to get access to this file is to detach and build the apk yourself. You can also add a feature request for this if you want it to be available for normal standalone apps.

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