Detox support on SDK 37+?

I have not been able to successfully integrate Detox with Expo on either SDK37 or 38. When launching the Detox process with iOS, Expo is reinstalled onto the sim, but the app does not launch – so the tests timeout on the Expo landing pad.

The most up-to-date online example appears to no longer work as of Nov 2019:

Has anyone had success running Detox on newer Expo versions? Failing that – is there any other way to perform E2E UI testing on Expo right now? Thanks.

Hey @scjohnson16,

Detox should work but you can’t use the standard Expo Client. You’ll have to build a simulator build for iOS via expo bi -t simulator and an apk for android via expo ba -t apk. We don’t currently have this documented anywhere but we plan on adding a section to help users who want to use Detox.


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Thanks! It should be noted that you’ll need to reference the path to the extracted app file within the detox sim config’s binaryPath.

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Thanks for the additional insight! We’ll make sure to add that to our guide.