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Hi guys,

I’m trying to start using the Branch ( functionality in Expo, but it’s obviously painful because it’s only available in standalone apps.

What would be great is to build a standalone iOS app that points to a tunnel URL and have the app in development mode so that you can develop the app without using the Expo client.

I tried everything I could to do this. I basically modified EXShell.plist to change the URL and a few settings and then re-signed the .ipa. This got me a working app that i submitted to TestFlight, but I ended up with:

“RNBranch has no setter or ivar for its bridge, which is not permitted.”

I didn’t delve any deeper than that. It looks like it almost worked, but I’m a bit lost from here.

The only other option it seems is to publish my app to a release channel every time I want to test my changes. The app takes quite a few minutes to publish, which means development is going to be slow and painful.

Any thoughts?

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