Distribute iOS apps to testers using the Firebase console

Hi everyone.

I have a doubt to try to distribute iOS app through Firebase. I have build a iOS app into release-channel called test. I let Expo handle the process. I can see in my apple developer account, a provisioning profile type App Store , and the documentation from firebase says:

To distribute your app beyond your development team, you must use either an Ad Hoc or Enterprise distribution profile.

I don`t know if this provisioning profile is fine to distribute app through firebase. Because I uploaded an .ipa file to Firebase Console. After this my tester got an email and he accepted invitation, I saw other email like this:

How to set up your app for this tester’s device

  1. Copy and paste the above UDID and add it in the Apple Developer portal
  2. Include the device in your app’s provisioning profile.
  3. Build your app using the updated provisioning profile.
  4. Distribute your app in the Firebase console or using CLI tools.

In the point two I cannot see any way to add device in my app’s provisioning profile. I will be missing something.

I read in other post @iyk-azorji --> Push Notifications not working on IOS (DeviceNotRegistered on Notifications Tool network tab)

… I built a standalone app with custom certificates and provisioning profile as well as a push notification .p8 key. The app is distributed to testers using the Firebase App distribution service. …

Would I have to create a new .ipa file with expo-cli but with custom certificates and provisioning profile ?

Thanks for any information to help me on this.