Documentation of BarCodeScanner is wrong


Hi, I am doing in my app a qr code scanner and using BarCodeScanner.

I was having a hard time because the function when it finds a barcode, never gets called.

I’m posting this so an admin can fix the docs.

The correct function when the camera finds a barcode isn’t onBarCodeScanned, it is onBarCodeRead

So, the correct way to call it is this:


Here is the link to the docs:


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BarCodeScanner Expo can't detect QR value

Hey @marcoblbr,

Thanks for reporting this. Relayed it to the docs maintainer. Hopefully we’ll have it fixed soon.




Thanks for the help! I managed to solve the problem from Expo Snack Barcode Example, which used onBarCodeRead instead of onBarCodeScan and it works fine.

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