Does publishing under a different account and slug wipe Asyncstorage?


I’m wondering if changing the slug and Expo account wipes asyncstorage for an app? I released an update for an app recently on the Play Store and all user data was deleted for whoever downloaded the update.

I had published under a new Expo account and changed the slug



Correct, your app’s data is sandboxed based on the author and slug of the app. This prevents apps from interfering with each others’ data.



Thanks @ben , maybe this can be added to the docs to prevent other people from running into this issue?



If I create another binary file and release an update with the old slug and old Expo account. Will it still have the original user data (from before the app update was released)?



Hi, yeah, maybe we could make it clearer in the docs for AsyncStorage specifically. It’s hard to know where we would document that exactly since AsyncStorage is an upstream API and doesn’t live in our docs.

Yes, if the user installs your update over their old copy on their phone, the old AsyncStorage data for your previous slug should still be there.



Could be under these

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