Ejected / ExpoKit Push Notifications

I’ve ejected an existing managed app and push notifications were not that difficult to get working.

Most of the information out there suggested it would be more complicated than it was, Is there something I should be concerned about (may not work in future after an SDK upgrade etc)?

For Android with FCM I didn’t really have to do anything, and it worked afterward (by sending direct to FCM and even sending via a previously-generated Expo token on this device).

For iOS it was a little more complicated: I had to enable the push capability, and then add a line to AppDelegate.m as described here: https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/2906#issuecomment-468874359. I can then send direct to APNS. I thought it might also work via a previously-generated Expo token on this device (like on Android) but in this case it didn’t. It still works direct to APNS, though, and we intend to send direct to FCM and APNS rather than using the Expo push service.

I was expecting it to be more work, has anyone else found the same?

Glad to hear it was easy for you to get this working (and thanks for describing how, that’s a huge help to a lot of people who I guarantee will search for this post in the future!). We don’t support the Expo Push Notification service or Notifications API in bare or expokit, but it looks like you are bypassing that by delivering directly to FCM and APNS.

@mlight I have ejected the app. Currently I am not getting the Expo Token. Can you help me to solve this that will be a great help for me.