Entered a bad package identifier when ejecting from CRNA - now getting to run with Android is a nightmare. Can anyone help?


I recently ejected from a CRNA app into an ExpoKit app - setting up iOS was a breeze, but following the instructions for running on Android has gotten me tearing my hair out. I think that it comes from me entering a bad value (containing spaces) when assigning a package identifier for my Android App when I ejected - It’s giving me errors like

Error:(89) Tag attribute name has invalid character ’ '.

I’ve tried to rename the value in my app.json, in my AndroidManifest.xml, and in build.gradle - but trying to rebuild the Android app has repeatedly changed values to the original one that I entered.

I’ve spent the last few hours trying to fix these errors - Should I revert to the last commit before I ejected and try again, or is there an easier fix?

Update: By manually renaming all of the java files in SRC, I’ve managed to build without errors. But when I try to run, the app immediately quits with the error

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lbolts/AppLinks;

Having looked up what Lbolts is, I’ve figured that I’ve messed something up horribly here - trying to dig any further down seems like a bad idea. I know this could seem really arcane - but I’m just trying to follow the basic installation instructions, and it’s just not working for me.

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