Error on XCode compilation after detaching


Hey guys,

I’ve created blank project(SDK v21), then detached, installed CocoaPods dependencies, but when I try to compile project in XCode, I receive error:

/Users/todor/Documents/expo/ios/Pods/ExpoKit/ios/Exponent/Versioned/Modules/Api/GL/EXGLView.m:284:20: Cast of an indirect pointer to an Objective-C pointer to 'const float *' is disallowed with ARC

Any help?


Same here


I’m having the same issue


hello! make sure that you are using the latest version of xcode


Latest XCode version has resolved issue, thanks.
Maybe it’s a good idea to point out minimum XCode version somewhere in guide.


good point! i’ll make an issue for that


looks like we do say in the docs to use the latest version of xcode already:


Now I see, thanks. Sorry for not being checked it, but honestly documentation’s structure is confusing sometimes. I’ve checked “Detaching” section, from my perspective it should be mentioned there. Anyway, thanks a lot for putting such a lot of efforts into this amazing project.

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