exp build:ios stuck


Seems like its been in queue forever.

Can anyone stop the build job so that I can re-submit?


Same here, ios build in queue for 2 hours and I cannot cancel it. Cancel button (link) is enabled, but does not seem to do anything.


Same here, in queue for over 2 hours.

Build ID: 351ca21d-dba6-4a70-bfeb-c23a46284fcd


Yes, same here. iOS build is stuck. Also, I am not able to see the build logs for the build - it just keeps loading.


Exactly same here with this ID. Please cancel this building


I’ve cancelled the reported stuck build jobs and we’ve deployed a fix to the underlying issue. You can monitor our progress here: https://status.expo.io/incidents/pyjr81368twf

Sorry for the disruption!


Thanks, I could start a new ios build and it seems to be running now as expected. Thanks for the quick fix.


Same here. My Build ID’s 47ef7b17-5208-4db9-b363-e58546bad5a4


Please cancel and start new builds, we had some downtime with the iOS builders last night.

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Didn’t realize this option was available. Thanks.

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