Expo Compatible Rich Text or HTML Editor?


Has anybody come across a rich text or HTML editor that is compatible with Expo without having to detach a project? I’ve found several for react-native, but they all require linking to native code.


Hey @reggie3

Sorry there isn’t something that is ideal for your use case…

Another solution you can deploy is to use a react native web view and use your favorite javascript rich text library, such as DraftJS ( https://github.com/facebook/draft-js ) or Slate ( https://github.com/ianstormtaylor/slate ).


That sounds like it will work for what I’m trying to do as long as I can get the contents from the text editor somehow. Do you know of any examples of what you’re describing?


You can send messages out of the webview using https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/webview.html#onmessage


Were you able to figure this one out? Was wondering if you found an alternative without having to eject from expo.


@jm90m I ended up creating an npm package that incorporates the quill.js editor. The package is called react-native-webview-quilljs. It doesn’t yet work on expo apps in production, but I hope to have that issue fixed by the end of next week.


Awesome man, looking forward to it, I’ll check out your github repo.

@reggie3 thanks again for your time and reply.


I was able to get the package working on production apps. However, one problem I’ve found is that the font is surprisingly small on iOS devices.

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