Expo Icon appears in iTunes Connect

Everything works perfectly now. Thanks for your quick reaction.

Worked for me too! Thanks for the quick fix team.

Thanks! Working great!

Hi, I want to know how do I apply this tentative Fix?
Do i need to replace files in Expo nodejs folder?

My environment is Windows 10 OS.

Thank you very much. Apple reject my App because appears Expo Icon and my App icon too.

It Woooorrks !!! Well done !! :sunglasses:

Just re run the build command to generate a new .ipa file then upload that to iTunes connect

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Hey guys, please I’m using exp XDE 17 and I have followed this thread but still my app is showing the expo Icon. What should I do?

thanks for the fix! :clap:

Thanks for the quick fix !

I need to fix this files in my project ?

Hi, same issue here with Application Loader. Create two builds with exp version 44.0.0 and then one with 45.0.2. The last build ID:

Build ID: 8d36e125-cc39-46a0-8b1d-577bd76c0311

Thank you,

Looking into this now, it’s possible we had a regression yesterday when deploying our app builder.

Edit: We discovered a regression and are rolling out a fix. The regression only affected certain builds starting 5:30pm PST yesterday, and was only triggered by specific icon file formats, so most people should not be affected.

I’m having this problem.

I’m having this issue as well.

Do you have an ETA for a fix? Or, could you let me know what file types are NOT affected by this?

The deploy just finished rolling out - try exp build:ios again, and let me know if you see any issues. If you do continue to see issues after this post, please take note of your build id and paste it here.

You’ll need to go all the way to “selecting” your newly generated build in iTunes Connect / Testflight before the icon update is reflected.

@ben I took a build 2 hours ago, had this issue and saw this post now, going to take a new build and report here the result.

@ben I got an error message, I haven’t had any changes in the source code or app.json

Build ID: f6c79628-3dc3-4a18-9bb7-105e7647f70a

Screenshot at Oct 20 00-05-18

Also this post look like having the same issue: iOS: There was an error with this build

@ben Thanks so much. Works perfectly now.

Hi, I’m having the same problem.

The same build last week displayed perfectly my icon on itune connect.

I don’t why today expo icon appear instead of my icon.

My file exist “./pages/images/theme/icon-ios.png” and is flat without transparency.

Did I make a mistake ?


Build ID: 6289026e-b705-4543-ba2e-9a1aed39f4b4

"ios": {
      "bundleIdentifier": "*************",
      "icon": "./pages/images/theme/icon-ios.png",
      "config": {
        "googleMapsApiKey": "*******************"

Here is the answer : Expo Icon IOS - Application Loader + Itune Connect