Expo publish is successful but doesn't work in expo app on android


Hi everybody. I am sorry if i make a mistake, i am new in forum. I use linux mint and everything is good when i develope my expo app on my laptop.

But if i publish it, it says that it is successful and sends me the link : https://exp.host/@escalepion/astroturf …I can see my application on my expo account also. But when i try to open it, it says that "Something went wrong. Could not load https://exp.host/@escalepion/astroturf " in a blue screen.

When i click the “view error log” which is below of the error page; it just says “Uncaught error”. I searched everywhere and i coulden’t find any solution.




your app loads ok for me. did you solve your problem?



Well after your post, i thought that the problem is about my phone and i removed expo app from my phone and downloaded it again. And then, it started to work. I guess the problem was about cache or somthing like that. Thank you for your interest


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