Expo Push Notifications Not Working

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 38
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

I have started working on the POC for push notifications and checked out this : https://docs.expo.io/push-notifications/overview/. I directly copy pasted this code and tried to run on my devices. I am able to generate push notification by click on button but these 2 listeners are not getting fired : Notifications.addNotificationReceivedListener and Notifications.addNotificationResponseReceivedListener. Also, the title and message content are not getting updated.

Can someone please help me solve this? Is there anything missing in official docs. I have generated google-services.json and put it in app.json

Hey @rushijeavio, are you testing within the Expo client or as a standalone app?


Hi @adamjnav,

I am testing within the expo client

here has the same problem

SDK Version: 38

I found that the api using sdk 37 is still useful, hope it will help you.

import * as Notifications from 'expo-notifications';
import { Notifications as Notifications2 } from 'expo';

Notifications.addNotificationReceivedListener((notification) => {
  // It didn't work for me

Notifications2.addListener((data) => {
  // This works for me

Hi @midoushitongtong,

Thanks for informing. But I want to stick to SDK 38 as I want to use latest react-native.

I have just ran into this same issue. I am able to successfully send a notification to my phone using android, but when I click on it, neither the addNotificationReceivedListener or the addNotificationResponseReceivedListener listeners are getting fired. I am using expo 38

I forgot to mention, I did indeed try what @midoushitongtong mentioned in expo 38, and the addListener function does get fired

for a long time did not understand why it does not work, “expo-notifications”: “~0.5.0”,“expo”: “~38.0.8”
Thank, it’s bug…

Hi @dpisarevskiy,

Can you please elaborate? If you have seen this is a bug on any place, could you please send the link?

I have no information, for two days I try to setup push notification on Android and FCM. Sending push notification via FCM is not documented, only if you using expo servers.
When I send to FCM in this callback is got nothing:
Notifications2.addListener((data) => {
// This works for me
console.log('App was opened by notification: ', data)