Expo SDK 33 Android standalone build crashes

i follow this solution.
but not solved.
but then suddenly it solved. (when i working other task)

i suspect we have to run expo client and then in the different command prompt we do expo publish. then run bundleRelease.
Because before that, when i did a bundleRelease it was like my fixing is not applied.

Is it true we have to run expo client in the same time while do an expo publish???

Expo Documentation states:

If you make any of the following changes in app.json , you will need to re-build the binaries for your app for the change to take effect:

  • Change anything under the ios or android keys

  • Change your app splash

  • Change your bundled assets under assetBundlePatterns

I don’t understand exactly what is that mean (rebuild binary)
That means expo build: Android?
But I had ejected apps.
I used gradlew bundleRelease, and it not solved my problem.
I don’t know why now it suddenly solved
Can you explain to me?

Has anyone had the chance to try the native value and confirm it works on standalone builds?

I confirm that I don’t have anymore “the java.lang.RuntimeException: Canvas: trying to draw too large bitmap” error with “contain”. Thank-you so much.

@gymaholic I did not manage to test the native mode, as I am getting the following error : “Field: splash.resizeMode - should be equal to one of the allowed values.” with expo: build:android (despite I uninstalled and re-installed the expo-cli). I guess perhaps changes has not fully applied yet.

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I’m still having crashes in production using the native value:

    'splash': {
      'image': 'src/assets/images/splash.png',
      'resizeMode': 'contain',
      'backgroundColor': '#FFFFFF'
    'android': {
      'splash': {
        'resizeMode': 'native',
        'mdpi': 'src/assets/images/splash.png',
        'hdpi': 'src/assets/images/splash@1.5x.png',
        'xhdpi': 'src/assets/images/splash@2x.png',
        'xxhdpi': 'src/assets/images/splash@3x.png',
        'xxxhdpi': 'src/assets/images/splash@4x.png',
        'backgroundColor': '#FFFFFF'

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