Facebook SDK Upgrade

I have my build upgraded to Expo SDK 32. However, my Facebook Login is no longer working!

And, my FB Portal says “Your Facebook SDK is out-of-date. Please upgrade to v5.0 for access to new privacy features”

But, i cannot figure out How to upgrade my FB SDK!?

Anyone know?

Thank you

If I understand correctly, that version depends entirely from the Expo version you’re running.

On an ejected build for example, it’s indexed on ExpoKit/Core in the Podfile.lock:

- ExpoKit/Core (32.0.0):
    - FBSDKCoreKit (= 4.39.1)
    - FBSDKLoginKit (= 4.39.1)
    - FBSDKShareKit (= 4.39.1)

So if you want to have an up-to-date Facebook SDK, you should probably upgrade to Expo 33.

  1. We are NOT Ejected.
  2. We have upgraded to Expo 33

But still FB Login screen not appearing