Firebase Push Notifications on Expo? (FCM)


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I’m working on an app using Expo, and I was planning on “pushing notifications” using FCM (Firebase). Do you support that?

for some technical reasons its not possible for us to support other push notification systems on the Expo Client besides the one we provide (which is free and simple)
docs here:
You could use Firebase push notifications by detaching/ejecting
and using ExpoKit
You’d have to deal with Xcode and Android Studio in that case but there is a path to do it
docs here:


Expo push notification with firebase cloud function
react-native-firebase and FCM

I’m curious about the technical reasons for not supporting FCM; could you elaborate?



the main one is: we can’t expose the credentials to the expo client app in the app store because then anyone could send any message to any user of the client app. and we think its important to send push notifications in the client.



I think Expo is great as a pre-bundled set of native libraries that have been tested and validated together. Not having to worry about the native part of react-native makes the whole experience a lot better.

However, the end result should in my opinion still be a standalone build. There’s already an operational dependency on the Expo systems for the OTA updates and the dynamically loaded assets which I’m having a hard time turning off. Next to that, it’s impossible to send a push notification without using yet another Expo backend system. I understand the business case behind this strategy, but to me it’s a reason to eject as soon as the app has at least some users on it, and why Expo is probably not the right fit for large companies.