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Hi, I’m working on a simple game app. I am struggling to get my expo app into fullscreen mode. I have successfully hidden the status bar but I am facing problems with the navigation bar(Android). Help please :slight_smile:

Looks like support for hiding the navigation bar has been merged very recently. It looks like it’s a static configuration and not something you can control dynamically:


I think you’ll need to wait for SDK 35 if you don’t want to eject, but I don’t think you’ll have to wait very long for SDK 35, since the Expo team has said they plan to release it before iOS 13 is released and that’s expected soon

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Awesome! Thank you so much, appreciate you :smiley:

It is not working for me tho. I have added it into my app.json file, and tried building it. It gave me an error saying that I should not have additional property “androidNavigationBar”. Here is my code:
“android”: {
“package”: “com.yokai.testing123”,
“androidNavigationBar”: {
“visible”: false

As I mentioned in my comment you will have to wait for SDK 35, which I think should include this change.

Otherwise you will have to build a version of Expo yourself that has the change included. I am not 100% sure how to do that, but maybe you can figure it out :slight_smile:. Here is the repository:

and the change was merged into the master branch in this commit:


okay okay, thanks for the help!

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Well, apparently SDK 35 is out! Not sure why Medium removed their article about it… https://blog.expo.io/expo-sdk-35-is-now-available-7a73a065e71e

I think they’re still in the process of releasing it. Two days ago they said it was expected between Tuesday and Friday next week:

At least the docs are already updated! :smiley:

And now it has been released. Apparently they were a bit too pessimistic two days ago :grinning:

Yup! Going through the pain right now… Font.loadAsync error like last time.


1.- Delete the node_modules folder
2.- Delete the package-lock.json file
3.- Run npm install

Then run expo start -c