Genymotion: Couldn't start project on Android: Error running adb: Error running app. Error: Activity not started,


upon clicking Restart on expo XDE with clear cache.

ReInstalled the expo xde , throws following error.

Also I wanna know how to reload on the android simulator ?
command+R or Ctrl+R doesnt seem to work.

3 ) I never used android, Which android simulator should i use ?


hey! have you followed the genymotion set up guide?

I would do every step on the guide, and make sure that you are using a simulator with android 5.0+ installed (adb reverse doesn’t work below 5.0, which looks like you’re getting an error for). For the specific device, expo docs recommend nexus 5, so I’m using a nexus 5 with android 6.0 on it.

to reload on genymotion: press f1 and some options will pop up, click reload


adb version



sorry I meant the android version on your simulator. you can check by opening genymotion and looking at what android is on the simulator you have open


@samee Im sorrry how to do it " looking at what android is on the simulator you have open" ?


In genymotion I have 1 device installed, and it has android 6.0.0, which you can see by looking at the description. I start this device before trying to open an expo app with XDE. I would go to this screen on genymotion and make sure your device is android 5.0.0+ and then try with that (after completing the steps in the genymotion guide)


I chose an AVD with android > 5+. It worked


so in order to run an android simulator through XDE you would first need to start the simulator in genymotion?