Get value from SecureStore on native application

Hi I have a RN app which I’m saving on SecureStorage the value test
SecureStore.setItemAsync('test', 'test');

I assume that if I create a new native app with the same bundle Id, I should be able to get this information after update the app. is this possible and how can I do this?

I’ve tried with KeychainWrapper
KeychainWrapper.standard.string(forKey: "test")

but the result is nil

Normally you use SecureStore.getItemAsync('itemkey') to get the item back out. Did you try using the SecureStoreOptions to set the keychainService, like this: SecureStore.getItemAsync('itemKey', {'keychainService'}) ?

I’m trying to get the info in the native ios app, which is a update of Reactive native version. same bundle id

You’ll probably want to inspect the SecureStore source really closely for differences between what they’re doing and what KeychainWrapper is doing: