Goodge App Singing Reset

Please help me with the following:

I am trying to reset my Google Play app signing keys following the steps they suggest.
I have downloaded the upload pem public file using expo cli expo fetch:android:upload-cert.

They replied saying it is not a valid publick key.

Is there anything i am doing wrong?

warm regards

upload-cert is exporting cert in binary form, but current instructions on google play console are providing commands to generate it in base encoded format (old binary format is still working when you switch from old signing to new one)

You can wait for this fix ( or export cert manually with

keytool -export -rfc
  -keystore your-upload-keystore.jks
  -alias upload-alias
  -file output_upload_certificate.pem
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Thank you @wkozyra for your help. I will try it right away.

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