Has anyone pushed an Expo app without a signup screen just to let existing users login?


Dear all, I am a newbie iOS developer who has decided to use Expo to test the waters. Our web app has the on-boarding experience and our existing users wish to access our content on a mobile app.

  • Will Apple accept an app without a registration screen because we want to serve existing users now?
  • Has anyone pushed an Expo app without a signup screen or any similar experiences, please share?

We will ultimately have a full on-boarding experience anyway.


(there’s nothing Expo-specific about this - heads up that this is a good question for the How To category next time).

I published an app without a signup screen and it was just fine. It was intended as a mobile companion for our web app. It was a B2B app where users were only added by being invited by existing admins, so a sign up screen didn’t really make sense. We did have a “learn more” link on the login screen if folks didn’t have an account and were confused. When you submit your app for approval, you need to provide a test account for Apple to use; that’s how they will evaluate your app.

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Thanks Keith. Our app is rather a fitness app and users only signup via the web app though.


Maybe have a link that takes them over to the web app for sign up? Rather than making it a full-fledged sign up button, maybe have it something like “Don’t have an X account?” or “Learn more about X”. Though, as far as I know you shouldn’t have a problem with a web-based sign up as long as you’re not using it to circumvent Apple’s payment system.


Interesting insight. We use vouchers to onboard users primarily but some can also buy using stripe on our web app but most don’t. I am shocked Apple can bully us that way. I know apps that have circumvented it like Spotify and Netflix

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