HELP exp build:ios & exp android both failed


Hi, i have some errors with building app on android.
App works fine in Expo but i cant get apk file, maybe cause this errors.
Can you help please

[14:01:42] Using gulpfile /src/exponent/tools-public/gulpfile.js
[14:01:42] Starting ‘android-shell-app’…
[stderr] [14:01:45] ‘android-shell-app’ errored after 2.85 s
[stderr] [14:01:45] Error: write EPIPE
[stderr] at _errnoException (util.js:1021:11)
[stderr] at WriteWrap.afterWrite (net.js:860:14)


hi @mobilna,
This person looks like they have the same error – could you let us know if applying their fix works for you too?


hey @mobilna, i checked our internal logs, and they dont have any additional information besides what you posted. I also saw that you have some subsequent builds that completed successfully – could you let us know what the problem was, and what you did to solve it? thanks!

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