hi , i have created android build,'There was error while parsing package' some lower version android devices.


hi , i have created android build, but during installation getting ‘There was error while parsing package’ some lower version android devices. please help


What devices are you using?

Remember that minimal Android SDK for Expo is 19.


i am using GalaxyJ7 and Samsung s6
“sdkVersion”: “26.0.0”,

Facing issue during installation the .apk file
“Parse Error : There is a problem parsing the package” while installing Android application

Solution of this issue is - Change ‘bundleIdentifier/packages’ and name of the expo app in app.json.


@brstdev17 Glad you got it figured out. Was it a matching issue or did your old name/bundleidentifer have special chars/spaces?




no special chars/spaces in old name/bundleIdentifier/packages . yes it was matching issue

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