Hooking up Segment to Google Analytics


I’m trying to hook up tracking through Segment to Google Analytics. I recieve events in Segment just fine, and have added and enabled the GA destination, but I’m in doubt how those events will be forwarded? I haven’t connected my google account or provided an API key or anything?

I see that there’s the following options - which one do I choose? I mean, it could be website seeing as it’s JS, but I know the Expo Segment module wraps the mobile client libs


I’ve tried adding the UA-MYNUMBER-1 to ‘Mobile Tracking ID’ for both Android and iOS, but no events are registered in GA.


Hi @jhalborg, I haven’t done this before, but I believe it’s more of a question for the folks at Segment if it’s not working? (Am I correct to assume this, or is there something expo-specific that I’m missing?)

Also, if you’re trying to test and not seeing anything, it looks like some parts of the analytics dashboard won’t report events for a while (re here: https://segment.com/docs/destinations/google-analytics/ ), but they should appear in the real-time events dashboard.


You’re correct that it’s not an Expo issue, but I thought that someone inhere might’ve tried it and have some knowledge :slight_smile:

I checked the dashboard again this morning, and it seems that adding UA-MYNUMBER-1 to ‘Mobile Tracking ID’ actually did work - events are now registered correctly, but nothing was showing up in live dashboard yesterday.

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