Hot reloading not working on Android device


Hey guys !!! I’ve been using expo xde … since two days back, the hot reload stopped working on devices. It works randomly however, it works flawlessly on iOS simulator. I tried reinstalling watchman , upgrade my yarn packages etc etc. Nothing seems to work until now.
Any help on this is much appreciated guys…

I have watchman 4.9.0
Latest XDE :2.4.X
Latest Expo Client on Android

And also, I’ve been using expo xde for my earlier apps too. It was working absolutely fine.
But since two days , I’ve been facing issue with hot reload. Basically the app works and does a hot reload during the initial build on the expo client. But when there’s a code error and I get a red screen or even if I reload the entire app, then the changes I do doesn’t emit to the views. I also don’t see any logs like patching homescreen.js etc. which I usually see when I’m using hot reload. Any help guys ?
I know we discuss about reactjs here… however if someone has faced similar issue, then I highly appreciate them to give me some suggestions to get a workaround for this issue. Been breaking my head for about 3 days now…



Hi @kkrishnan - I think I responded to your GH issue about this earlier. Unfortunately HMR is somewhat inconsistent in RN 0.54 (which is used for SDK 26). It may take a couple of tries to get it working, but in the meantime I’d suggest using Live Reload instead. (Relying on HMR is generally not a great strategy with react native, as it tends to be pretty brittle and breaks frequently!)


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